Weighing Out of the Weight-loss Mentality

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Today, I’m talking about a topic that a lot of us can relate to —

Especially this time of year where we are flooded with so many messages about “new year, new body”, weight-loss resolutions, and the diet trend of the moment (hello Keto, I’m looking at you!).

It’s inevitable that if it hasn’t been on your mind lately, the heavy topic of weight will be front and center as we start off this new year.

These messages cause so many women (myself included) to feel, at some point in our lives, that our bodies aren’t skinny enough or that we don’t fit some certain standard of what beautiful is.

I know for me, this used to cause a lot of anxiety, feelings of guilt or shame, and really just overwhelmed the living daylights out of me!

And when I saw what it was doing to me, I started to notice that almost all of the women around me were experiencing the same thing.

Because it should no longer be about weight shaming, cookie cutter diets, or guilting your way to health.

It should be about giving yourself permission to make choices from an empowered place and CHOOSING to make your health & happiness a priority.

And maybe you’re thinking right now that it’s selfish to put yourself first —

But I am here to tell you that when you are experiencing joy and vibrant health, you are sending a message to everyone around you that it is possible for them, too!

So while those around you might be buying into the hype and stressing over the numbers, this gives you a GREAT opportunity to choose your boundaries and decide what influences you want to allow and which ones you want to tune out.

No surprise here, but how you think and feel about weight may be very different than the people around you.

We are all our own person AND research has shown that we’re much more affected by our environment than we really think! The one place where this hits hard is our weight.

So — what if our friends and family are stuck in this weight loss mentality? Do we need to focus on changing them or ourselves? Not at all. Keep reading and I’ll show you how!

In today’s blog you’ll learn six powerful ways to weigh out of the weight-loss mentality.

0-01Release the diet – seriously, don’t put yourself on a diet (that means no restrictions or deprivations). When you try to control your weight through calorie counting you’re essentially disrupting your internal hunger fullness hormones and raising your setpoint. So the calorie counting actually ends up being counterproductive as a weight-control technique.  

Turn down the nutrition noise – turn up the volume of your own body wisdom. Seek to get professional and individualized tailored plans for you. Stop with the diet books, fad diets etc… Cookie cutter diets don’t work for the long term and I believe that’s what you’re after – not the short term gains.

Change up your morning routine – instead of going straight to the scale and letting the number decide how you’re going to feel for the day, say something loving to yourself in the mirror, go for a walk, meditate or enter the soulful sanctuary of your Feel F.A.B Planner.  

Transform for your HEALTH – instead of a number on the scale, think about your health on a scale of 1-100, and choose a health # goal instead.

Write it down – Keeping a gratitude journal, instead of a diet journal, so you can write down what you’re grateful for. What are 3-5 things you’re grateful for today, right now in this moment?

Choose a positive FAB mantra – Keep it as positive as possible – I choose foods and positive thoughts that nourish me throughout the day.

These are from my own personal toolbox that I use to keep my own attitude on track so I can stay in a positive frame of mind.

I would love to have you “weigh-in” on this topic with your comments below.

Have you broken out of a loss mentality around weight? If so, share how you did it.

And if you’re actively working on this tell me which of these six tips you can start using now.

As always, I appreciate your insights, thoughtful comments and stories. If you found this information to be valuable, please share it with your friends and family! It mean the world to me.


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