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The Feel FAB Planner

Take Control of Your Health and Happiness

Are you ready to…

  • Be in a state of joy, love, and gratitude
  • Set goals in a way that feels good and moves your toward success
  • Feel more productive, accomplished, and motivated than ever before
  • Prioritize yourself and take time for self-care
  • Rebuild and strengthen your relationship with yourself
  • Become the CEO of your own health & happiness

You get to have it all!!!

Take Back Control with the Feel FAB Planner

The Feel FAB Planner breaks big goals into actionable, daily steps so you can see your progress and begin claiming the happiness you deserve.

Spiral Bound, Direct to Your Door

Printed Feel FAB Planner

  • Spiral-bound
  • Weekly affirmations & celebration breaks
  • Daily & weekly pages (190+ daily pages)
  • Monthly & yearly spreads

+ Shipping & handling
(We ship domestic and international.)

Interactive and Eco-Friendly

Digital Feel FAB Planner

  • Instant digital download: 1 PDF included
  • Optimized for iPad, full navigation links
  • Recommended App for Use: GoodNotes
  • This is a digital product and there are no refunds.

digital download

“We have planners all the time but how many times do we have one that asks us about our self-care or food?

This planner just gets me because I absolutely need to integrate food into my work plan!

The FAB Planner has the opportunity to really change behaviors, which is really one of the necessary elements of being able to really make the difference that you want in your life.

You don’t have to wait for a new year. Your year starts now when you buy this planner!”


So Much More Than Just a Planner

You’re getting so much more than a planner. You are getting the support you need to create the transformation you desire in your life. Here’s what you receive:

Heart-Centered Workbook

Get grounded in your intention, focused on the feelings you want in your life. This workbook guides you through whole-istic lifestyle vision exercises and your year in review.

Monthly Goal Planner

Get clear on why you’re setting each goals so you stay in alignment and get the wins you want. Includes an end of the month check-in to get honest and re-center each month.

Goal Manifestation Guide

Planning your goals for the year has never felt more joyful and free! Included is a downloadable visualization exercise to guide you into a calm space as you set your big goals. 

Weekly Goal Planner

The weekly spread gets you grounded in how you want to feel and gives you space to plan how you’ll accomplish your monthly goals so you can create a path toward achievement.

Private Facebook Community

Connect with other women on their journeys to health & happiness, receive F.A.B tips for empowered planning, inspiration to stay grounded in your desired feelings, and accountability.

Food, Attitude & Body Goals

The daily pages empower action! Ground yourself in how you want to feel, priorities for the day, meal plans, and actionable tasks to achieve your big goal.

You Deserve Health and Happiness: PLAN FOR IT

It is easy to forget yourself and put everything else ahead of your own physical, mental, and emotional needs. But this is not healthy, happy, or sustainable!

When we nourish our whole selves through what we eat, what we think, and what we do, our health, homes, happiness, and relationships improve, even flourish. In order to create this thriving health and happiness, you must learn to plan your life.

By using the Feel FAB Planner, joining the FAB Community, and participating in the FAB Coaching system, you’ll learn exactly how to take control of your life and how to plan your food, attitude, and body care. You will have the resources, guidance, and motivation to succeed! The result? The FAB lifestyle you’ve been craving.

No more ignoring your health and wellness; it’s time to take action. 

“Elyse has given me the gift of life, health, and happiness by empowering me with knowledge, skills, and tools to transform! Her expertise guidance, encouragement, excitement, positive, non-judgmental attitude, and thorough responses to my goals and questions are extremely valuable to me. My life has improved greatly!”


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