How To Detox Daily

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Let’s face it.  Our bodies are constantly being bombarded with toxins.

We’ve got toxins coming at us from all over the place!  From the food we eat, the water we drink, the pills we take, the cosmetics and products we use on our body and our cleaning supplies.  Even our thoughts can be toxic.

But don’t worry… there are plenty of ways you can release and protect yourself from these toxins, so that you can feel vibrant and full of good energy!

I’m talking about supporting your body and mind DAILY through the food you eat, thoughts you think, and attitude you cultivate

Although longer detoxing can be beneficial, it can also feel like a beast to take on.

That’s why I like to take a baby step approach with daily actions that will help you in a more holistic and sustainable way.

Let’s start with elevating your attitude, because when your mind is right it is so much easier for everything else to fall into place.

When you get intentional about cultivating a positive attitude, you give yourself the mental energy to take care of your body, too.

Daily mantras and affirmations are fantastic for generating more positive thoughts in your conscious (and subconscious mind) and are powerful tools for keeping your mind free of toxic thinking.

Here are a couple to help you get started:

  • I choose to nourish my mind, body, and soul with healthy foods and positive thoughts.
  • I release the thoughts and feelings that are no longer serving me.

Now that we’ve got your mind right, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of detoxing your body on the daily!

I don’t really like to focus on all the fad diets that are out there, I prefer to make this daily detoxing focused on the food itself.

By focusing on whole, high quality foods and getting as much of them into your body as you can, you are actively supporting your detoxing organs: the liver, kidneys, skin and lungs.

When we talk about detoxing our body, the liver is usually the first place to get started.

That’s because the liver is one of the body’s most essential organs; and exposure to too many toxins can slow down its ability to function properly, leading to an increase of toxins within the body.

One of the benefits to detoxing on the daily is that you can hook your liver up with the best foods (and herbs) possible to keep it in great shape!

Take a look at “Phase I & II on this infographic from my book Smoothie Secrets Revealed for the exact foods you’re going to want to make sure you are working into your diet every day.

Don’t feel like you have to pack them all in during a single day, though!

You can choose a few each day and create a rotation of these powerful detoxing foods to help your liver eliminate as many toxins as possible.

When it comes to detoxing, something that often gets overlooked are beauty products and the products we use to clean our homes.

I’ve found an AWESOME app to help with this, and it’s even got a cheeky name that I adore: Think Dirty.

It’s great because it educates and empowers consumers about the cosmetics industry allowing you to make informed decisions about which products to purchase.  It’s easy to use too.  Download on your phone, and start scanning products at your home or at the store to get a rating of how toxic these products are.  It currently has thousands of products listed. 

Now I want to hear from you! What’s one tip you can bring into this week to detox on a daily basis?

Thank you so much for reading and participating!


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