4 Steps to go from Frustrated to Flow

4 Steps to go from Frustrated to Flow

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is that when I am feeling stuck or frustrated, I need to STOP PUSHING and START EMBRACING that time of divine rest and allow my inner spirit to awaken and revive my outer world. 


You can choose to see that everything is working out in your favor and surrender to the feelings, don’t fight them. Don’t be afraid of acknowledging what you’re feeling because when you do that, you are giving yourself the love and care you truly need. 


For me, the gift of allowing myself to surrender brings in feelings of…




There are chills down my back, writing those two words. These are the feelings I intentionally try to create each day. They are two of my core values and the desired feelings I use when I’m setting my goals. 


JOY. FREEDOM. (I had to repeat them because they just feel so damn good!)


In service to you, I would love to share with you a tool that I use when I am feeling frustrated or stuck. It helps me to reframe those feelings and transform them into joy and freedom (or whatever feelings you desire to embody). 


Once you get into the groove of using these 4 steps, you’ll be able to use them on the spot to find clarity and get back into a feeling of flow. 


Say it with me, “I am never stuck! I am taking a moment of divine R.E.S.T.” 







Step 1 – Reflect. Look back on what you’ve been doing. Ask yourself, “Are the actions I have taken getting me where I want to go? Do they serve my highest self?” 


Step 2 – Exhale. Release attachment to what isn’t serving you, so you can begin to breathe in new life. Allow yourself to let out the breath that you’ve been holding in for so long. 


Step 3 – Surrender. Allow yourself to be present in the moment. Listen to your inner wisdom and intuition; trust in yourself and your ability to create positive forward motion. Find serenity in the stillness. 


Step 4 – Transform. Take the next best action your intuition is guiding you toward to allow yourself to get back into your flow.  


Let go to grow, my friend!


YOU deserve to come into alignment, to believe in yourself and your intuition. 


YOU are allowed to say “no” to things you don’t want and “yes” to what serves your soul’s purpose. 


YOU are here to create, to let your song out, to give your gifts to the world so that others can dance to the music. Vibe ON. Vibe HIGH. If it resonates, that’s all that matters. 


Try out the simple 4-step R.E.S.T process next time you are feeling frustration bubble up and, if you feel called, let us know, in the comments below, how it felt for you.


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