26 FAB Questions to Bring in the New Year Mindfully

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Tell me if this sounds familiar…

It’s December 31 and you’re feeling PUMPED about your list of New Year’s Resolutions. 

Maybe you even signed up for a new exercise program or bought the latest health & nutrition book that your friends have been raving about or decided to do the Whole30 and give up alcohol for a month…

The new year rolls around and you stick with these new habits for a few weeks — maybe you even see some results.

But by mid-February, you are right back where you started, and those newly adopted habits have flown out the window.

What helps me is to first reflect back and ask myself some questions about this past year; and then I use those questions to find the answers to what I need to change to make the new year even better!
Take some time for yourself and sit quietly to reflect on these questions.  And if you need some extra support this year, try out my F.A.B. Daily Lifestyle Planner + Workbook. 

heart-02-2 What served me well this year?

heart-02-2 What are my greatest strengths?

heart-02-2 Who can I absolutely count on – 100% of the time?

heart-02-2 What thoughts am I thinking that are negative?

heart-02-2 Are those negative thoughts true?

heart-02-2 Do I want to get rid of those negative thoughts?

heart-02-2 What positive thoughts can I think instead?

heart-02-2 What food made me feel good?

heart-02-2 What food is making me sick?

heart-02-2 What relationships are toxic to me?

heart-02-2 What relationships help me grow?

heart-02-2 What thoughts do I have about my body? Are they helping me?

heart-02-2 What are my intentions for this New Year?

heart-02-2 What lessons did I learn from this past year (specifically?)

heart-02-2 Was I kind to myself, showering love all over me?

heart-02-2 If not, how can I do things differently this year?

heart-02-2 What are my goals?

heart-02-2 What’s the main juicy reason why I want to achieve those goals?

heart-02-2 Who do I want to become?

heart-02-2 What do I not want to repeat this year?

heart-02-2 Where do I need to create boundaries this year?

heart-02-2 Who/what do I need to say “no” to?

heart-02-2 Who do I need to say “yes” to?

heart-02-2 What, absolutely, hands down in my life needs to change?

heart-02-2 What do I want to experience in my life this year?

Drumroll please……

The juiciest question that you want to lead with this year is the following:

heart-02-2 How do I want to feel leading into and throughout this New Year?

Because there’s a gazillion other questions you could ask yourself, reflect on and analyze, just start where you feel comfortable and move forward from there.

These questions when answered will give you juicy insights, big “Aha” moments and direction!

Once you’ve explored the questions that call to you, go ahead and take a look at this video.

In this episode of ETV! I’m sharing 3 secret sauce tips on why New Year’s Resolutions don’t last as long as you’d like them to, the #1 thing that could be standing in your way AND a few tips on how to set bite-sized goals so they become your daily habits and *voila*- you have met those big lofty goals you set out to at the beginning!

Imagine what that will look like and feel like!

P.S. – This is a video I taped back at the beginning of 2014 and it still applies today and moving forward!

Now, I’d love to hear one BIG juicy takeaway you had from today’s blog. And remember, decide first how you want to feel and lead with that!

As always, thanks for reading, watching and participating!

Peace, love and whole foods!

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